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The equipment relies on the Truck car's battery for power.

  1. It utilizes the vehicle's onboard battery DC power supply (12V) to operate the air conditioner continuously during parking, waiting, and resting periods.
  2. It effectively regulates and controls the temperature, humidity, flow rate, and other ambient air parameters inside the car, ensuring optimal cooling comfort for truck drivers.


The 12V electric air conditioning system offers versatile installation options to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles available in the market. These options include:

  • Rooftop mounted air conditioner, suitable for vans, trucks, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, trailers, earth-moving machines, motorhomes, and RVs (recreational vehicles).
  • Back-wall mounted air conditioner, designed for trucks, tractors, trailers, heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, truck cabs, truck sleepers, and sleeper cabs.



12V Mini Split Air Conditioner RV Bus Truck AC Unit

    • Type: Mini Split Truck Air Conditioner 
    • Model: POE68
    • Voltage: 12V/24V
    • Current: 60-80A 
    • Power: 960W 
    • Material: ABS 
    • Color: White/Red
    • Cooling capacity: 1000W-3000W (3400-12000BTU)
    • Refrigerants: R134A(600g) (not included)
    • Oil: POE68 
    • Airflow: 250-450M3/H
    • Low-voltage protection: 9-11.2/19-21.5V
    • Outdoor unit size: 600x490x210mm
    • Indoor unit size:495x335x155mm
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